Cheyenne Laviniere Architectural Assistant MArch + Urban Planning ( Hons )

RK-Architects-Cheyenne-LaviniereCheyenne Laviniere, Architectural Assistant MArch + Urban Planning ( Hons )

Cheyenne was educated at the University of Dundee where she obtained a Masters in Architecture and Urban
Planning, awarded with Distinction. Having attained Part I experience in a fast paced environment at Adjaye
Associates, Cheyenne has been exposed to a variety of projects ranging from master planning and exhibition
spaces to civic and commercial buildings as well as gaining experience in landscaping, furniture and interior
Eager to implement the importance of a second life for future construction and intrigued by the lack of emphasis
placed on the wellbeing for all demographics from local authorities, Cheyenne began to questioned how
impactful a shift in the focus of health and wellbeing will affect urban and architectural design. For the purpose
of Cheyenne’s thesis, a redundant 1980 multi storey car park was set to be repurposed providing local
sustainability, flexibility, comfort, togetherness, intimate warmth and mental clarity for all.
Through research and experience, Cheyenne prioritises the wellbeing and enjoyment of a space through all
senses over the art forms of vision. She states all architecture should offer a multisensory reality.